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                                BRAND STORY
Initial Foray

The journey of DHWANI JEWELS started with the launch of 18KT Necklace Set studded with precious stones in 2014. The term “ DHWANI JEWELS” was coined by Mr. NIKHIL SURESH PAREKH.
It quickly developed into a 14KT,9KT jewellery company that offered a spectacular selection of diamond jewellery. With a strong emphasis on workmanship, quality, and customer experience in the B2B and B2C space of manufacturing, we aspire to revolutionise the fine jewellery and lifestyle segment in India. In both India and other countries, DHWANI JEWELS has amassed a family of devoted customers.


Timeless Appeal

Diamond jewellery is viewed as a form of designing art at DHWANI JEWELS. This conviction enables us to go above and beyond on the creative path to produce designs that occasionally are a classic contemporary and traditional diamond jewelry. DHWANI JEWELRY seeks to play a significant role in her journey with designs that capture the beauty and celebration of special occasions. We have been inspired to create unique wedding collections because we are aware of the various needs that every bride has.

Epitomizing Excellence

In everything we do at Dhwani jewels, we aim towards excellence. We continuously work to uphold the highest standard and quality for the diamonds and precious stones we utilise in our jewellery creations. 
We carry out thorough quality inspections and only purchase our diamonds ethically from reputable, accredited vendors.

Success Secrets
our knowledge and understanding of the present Middle-East jewellery market's values and our ongoing evolution in response to its shifting needs and preferences, Dhwani jewels has the particular honour of being highly sought after by customers. In addition, we follow tight restrictions that are consistent with our high standards of quality.
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