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                  MR. NIKHIL.SURESH. PAREKH

founder of DHWANI JEWELS and most diamond jewellery manufacturer. initiated into diamond trade at the age  of 19   with the hands on training in jewellery manufacturing. Enterprenur who started own business at the age of  19   grew up in the city of dreams, Mumbai; He has experienced B2B & B2C space of manufacturing. He is a passionate entrepreneur with over 30+ years of experience in this field, who believes in superlative products and services that become trend setters and a legacy over a period of time. With his immense passion for diamonds along with his entrepreneurial aspirations combined together,  DHWANI JEWELS was born in 2014 after experiencing some high voltage action at the prestigious firms.

He has always set tough goals and challenging heights, as a result of which DHWANI JEWELS has grown from leaps and bounds in a short span of time, making it one of the esteemed fine jewellery company in the business today.

NIKHIL PAREKH is based in Mumbai Area, India.

  Experience: 30+ Years



is not only co founder but also the product development head boasting  10  years of experience in fine jewellery industry. She strategizes and priorities product development tasks and at the same time sets up Design and implement the process to manage the product lifecycle. Head the production team and QC for maintain the production timeline. Maintaining co-ordination between Customer, CAD designers, marketing team and Sample production team. Communication at various levels with corporate clients/Customers.She’s the muse at DHWANI JEWELS .

pushing the designers and developers to create out of the box products.


 Experience: 10+ Years

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