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DHWANI JEWELS is renowned for crafting their exquisite diamond jewellery with only the highest quality precious metals. The choice of metal for a purchaser can be very confusing. These high quality metals are chosen for their durability and ability to protect each precious stone. 

Gold is the "gold standard" for adornment and beauty, and is the symbol of love. It speaks volumes both in language and in culture. This very durable metal that has been used for jewellery making for centuries will not corrode, tarnish or rust. Our artisan craftsmen at DHWANI JEWELS are happy to work with this lustrous metal which can be crafted into beautiful designs, created with great care and intricacy.

Yellow gold is very popular, but today purchasers can choose also between white and rose gold. 24K gold is often considered too soft to be crafted into jewellery, so 9K,14K and 18K yellow gold, Rose gold and white gold is often the metals of choice.

The marks or stamps contain numbers ‘750’ for 18k gold, ‘585’for 14k gold and ‘375’ for 9k gold. The numbers refer to the percentage of pure gold included in the alloy. 18K gold is 75% pure and will result in a number of 750. 9K gold will result in a figure of 375 because the mix is 37.5% pure gold. And 14K gold will result in a figure of 585 because the mix is 58.5% pure gold.

A 75% mix is highly recommended as there is more pure gold content and will result in a richer, more golden colour which will enhance the beauty of the diamond. It has also proved to be more durable and more resistant to damage.

The 18K white gold used by DHWANI JEWELS is our signature metal containing a very high platinum content in the alloy. The result is a signature unique white gold with an amazing rich white luster.

The abbreviations "karat," "carat," "Karat," "Carat," "Kt," "Ct," "K," "C" or a designation in thousandths may be used to express the standard of a gold object is a measure of the fineness of gold with a minimum quality of 9K.


• 18 carat (fineness 750)

• 14 carat (fineness 585)

• 9 carat (fineness 375

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